Julie Powell Fiber

​Jennifer Counts Jewelry

Glass Artist: Terry Turner

Hand Carved wooden bowls by Tim Nester

Carved Stone by Darcy Meeker

Deborah Grimm Yates Pottery

William Langston Metal

By: Ron Sutterer Pottery Artist

Harold Lambert Wood Artisan

Black horse artisan guild

Handcrafted Quality

Many more to come!

Ed Biggar Glass 

Thom Moore

Kay Cook Jewelry

Handmade Brooms By John Alexander

Abby Reczek Pottery

Painting by Gino DiDio

Gino has recently sold a painting to the First Lady of Virginia, and is currently on exhibit at the Fleenor Gallery.

Charles Coulthard Wood Pens Photo To Come

Beverly Walker  Walkers Way Weeds Photos To Come

Marty Dunn Weaved Baskets

​​Cecillia Riegert Knitted and Woven Fabric

C.S. Deck Painting

Whitney Copenhaver

​Linda Osborne,

Becca Imbur, 

Kevin Fiorini

 Jen Otey

Michael Peay

​Marcy Sayers

Martha Biggar

​Helen Kelly

LeeAnne Barley

​Dana Farley