Black horse artisan guild

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 Gallery Economics: We are located at the intersection of I 81 and I 77. Between the two interstates over 50,000 people a day pass our town each day. Over 550,000 people a year stay in our Hotels and our visitors center alone gets 30,000 people a year. Our location is directly across from the Bolling Wilson Hotel, who gets over 20,000 total guest per year. Also just a short walk from the 1776 Log House Restaurant which is a great tourist attraction, not to mention we are 3 doors down from the World Famous Skeeters, another great tourist attraction. And lets not forget we are right next door to the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum.

  Next Jury Session is 

September 19th to September 24th

Ending at 5 pm.

Artist must submit five items only.

Items must be ready for sale at the time of approval.

All items will be reviewed on Sunday 25th.

Notifications we go out on Tuesday 27th.